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Epworth Park Visitor Information

Welcome to the best kept secret in Southeastern Ohio.

How to I get there?

From I-70

  • Exit 208 (Ohio Rt 149, Belmont/Morristown)
  • Travel 2 miles on south Ohio 149.
  • Turn right at the Rt 149/147 intersection stop sign.
  • Travel 1.5 miles on west Ohio 147.
  • Turn left at the 147/North Main Street stop sign.
  • Travel 0.1 miles. The entrance to the park in on the right.

From Barnesville

  • From the center of town (at OH 800/OH 147), travel east on 147, 5 miles to Bethesda.
  • Turn right at the 147/North Main Street stop sign.
  • Travel 0.1 miles. The entrance to the park in on the right.

You'll find a map at the bottom of the home page that you can use to get directions.

Otherwise, you can copy and paste the street address as "215 North Main St, Bethesda, OH 43179" into your favorite GPS app.

Where to park

There is limited parking, even for cottage owners. If you are a guest, and if there's space available, you can park in any of the "Cottage Owners and Guests Only". Please be aware that you are parking at your own risk. The park is not liable for any damage caused by falling limbs, acorns, etc.

During Chautauqua Homecoming Days, guests and visitors may park in the festival only parking areas.


  • No admittance of non-park residents after 10 pm, except for guests.
  • Do not park or drive on the any areas other than roads or parking areas. Do not park in the Epworth Center or United Methodist Church parking lots other than Chautauqua Homecoming Days weekend. Contractors: You may park for 1-2 hours on asphalt or cement walkways to load and unload only.
  • Guests are free to enjoy the ampitheater, gazebo, "Garden of the Oaks", and promenade. But remember that the cottages are private property.
  • Mini-bikes, motorcycles, dirt bikes, snow mobiles, and ski-doos are not allowd in the park.
  • Bicycles and skateboards are not allowed on the sidewalks.
  • Please do not litter.
  • Dogs must be on a leash, quiet, and clean up after them.
  • Please refrain from unnecessary noise.
  • Alcohol and smoking in public areas is not allowed.
  • Guests are allowed to use the park's wifi (which is near the park meeting house (Cottage #74)). See your host for the password.

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